Can customers searching for your product or service find you?

I build professional looking, mobile accessible and web standard compliant websites that rank well with search engines.

No matter how small your business is, you want more customers, right? People use search engines on their laptops and phones to find goods and services. Does your social media drive traffic to your website and actually generate sales for you?

Affordable web solutions are available now!

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Are you having trouble with your email, uploading photos to your computer, or setting up a new printer? Make the best use of those expensive products you purchased!

Worried about your security when you use the internet? Have you downloaded a virus onto your PC?

Local helpful advice is available.

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I provide web services and technical support to small businesses and individuals. I do a little of everything including website development & maintenance, social media marketing, blog content creation, search optimization and office technology tools.

If you want to shorten the time you spend calling anonymous 800 numbers for technical help with your individual problem, then talk to a real human being who lives locally and can provide real solutions to your technical challenges.

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small and home businesses




I live in Willow Creek, CA in beautiful Humboldt County.

Providing web services and technical support since 2010.



Have you a storefront, restaurant or physical location? Do you wonder why more people don’t visit your location?

Most people use search engines to find products and services in their own geographic area. Are you showing up in search results that are within driving distance of your business location? Are you maximizing your geographic presence on the web?

Potential customers use mobile devices to do research, check reviews and make purchases. Is your mobile presence bringing customers to your business? Are you using search directories such as Yelp, Trip Advisor and others to your best advantage.

Search engines use a combination of keywords and geographic-based information to return results to potential customers.

Do you know which directories best serve your industry? Where does your business rank in their listings?

I can create a customized plan for your business that will improve your search results.